Urban Decay Haul from ULTA

I recently purchased a Mineral Makeup Powder from UD in Hallucination(Supernova). I got 3 Free gifts as part of their 21 days of beauty at Ulta they were: 2 Lip Junkie's deluxe samples in Midnight Cowboy and Dandelion and an Eyeshadow in Retrograde.
I looooove all the items. UD is one of my favorite makeup brands.

Swatches: Lip Junkies: Midnight Cowboy, Dandelion, Eyeshadow in Retrograde.


Beneath the sun: 400+ Giveaway!!!

Beneath the sun: 400+ Giveaway!!!

Beautyburg: 1000+ Facebook Fans Giveaway! Win MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skinfish & More!

Beautyburg: 1000+ Facebook Fans Giveaway! Win MAC Wonder Woman Pink Power Mineralized Skinfish & More!

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Purple Reign

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Purple Reign

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Viva Glam Gaga II

Adventures In Makeup: Giveaway: Viva Glam Gaga II

Rimmel London Haul

I recently went to Walgreens and they had all Rimmel products for 50% off. I bought a couple items and wanted to share with you.
Top to Bottom
Natural Bronzer-027 Sundance
1000 Kisses Stay on lip liner-014 Wild Clover
Lasting finish lipstick-066 Heather Shimmer
Moisture Renew Lipstick-380 Vintage Pink
Moisture Renew Lipgloss-245 Berry Bliss
Moisture Renew Lipgloss-145 Pink Protect
Eye Makeup Remover

The lipgloss washed off too quick with a bit of water, the lip stick and liner took a rub or too to come off. I loved the colors for upcoming spring. The bronzer is great for an all over glow. The products are nice for the price. I really liked the eye makeup remover, it took off all mascara and liner did not irritate my eyes.

Sinful colors

I recently bought some sinful colors and I was a bit dissaponted in the color :(  I got savage and hottie.  When the savage dried up it was very dull so I put on a coat of hottie which is like a blue/green glitter polish. The finished look was decent. Pics below:

Coach Poppy Perfume

I bought the new coach poppy perfume and I have to say I love it. Its a nice kind of floral scent for spring time. I got it when Carsons was having there goodwill sale so I definately got it at a sale price. I recommend to anyone that likes floral scents that is not too strong.  I also got some goodies along with my purchase :)

Sweetly scented jasmine and gardenia mingle with fresh cucumber and candied rose petals in a pretty, lighthearted fragrance. (www.coach.com)

PURE ICE nail polishes

I purchased these Pure Ice nail polishes from Walgreens and thought I would share with you my review. I like the lighter colors for spring, I did have to put two coats for the color to really show, the darker colors are nice for winter or fall. I was unable top open the darker shade today so I couldn't show you what it looks like on my nails :(. These were $1.99 each and they have a lot of colors to choose from.

Colors above from left to right: Scandal, All Nighter, Splash, and Twinkle.

Quick swatches: All Nighter, Splash, and Twinkle

OPI Shatter polish and LA Colors

I did my nails last week and I loved the turn out. I used the black shatter from OPI and live from LA Colors color craze collection

Tarte 2009 Treasure Chest

This is Tarte's 2009 Treasure Chest, I know I am a bit late to review this but I have been using this a lot lately.
I love the color scheme, you can turn a day look into a night look fairly easy with the colors included.
(This is what I used for the natural look I posted earlier)

I think it was around $50 and the chest includes:16 shimmer shadows, 16 matte shadows, 4 blushes, 1 highlighter, 1 bronzer and 16 lip glosses. The pigmentation is great, very smooth, and true to their color. Great deal for everything included.

Simple & Neutral look using Tarte's 2009 treasure chest

St.Patricks Day look using Sally Girl eyeshadows

I did this quick. St.Patricks day look with the moolah palette and the green eyeshadow single from Sally's Beauty Supply store.