Sinful colors

I recently bought some sinful colors and I was a bit dissaponted in the color :(  I got savage and hottie.  When the savage dried up it was very dull so I put on a coat of hottie which is like a blue/green glitter polish. The finished look was decent. Pics below:


  1. Hey gab, which sinful color polish do you recommend me? thanks (:

  2. Hi Rebecca, I think sinful has great colors. I will look at my collection and let you know. I like mostly all of them except the matte ones.

  3. You have to use a really good top coat with sinful colors polishes in order for you to get the look you want. They're great polishes, and for cheap! I use seche vite top coat, or an opi top coat, even revlon and my nails always turn out looking great. Try it this way, and see how it works out for you :)