NYX Cosmetics


Hi everyone, this post is about NYX Cosmetics including a review with swatches. I recently was in contact with one of the marketing representatives from NYX to do a review of their products. I was sent a wide range of items and I will honestly say these are all great products; the pigmentation of everything is great, from the lip creams to the eye shadow palette to the blushes. NYX is now definitely one of my top 5 cosmetics brands. You can buy NYX online or at select ULTA stores. Click the NYX link on the left of my blog to get directed to their website.  To read my Online Magazine Article please go to Declare Magazine.

Nude on Nude Palette $25.00:
20 neutral eye shadows & 10 vibrant lip colors, with 2 applicators.
UPDATE 9/27: This can definitely compare to the UD Naked Palette if your on a budget definately get this palette, it also has lip gloss's.

Soft Matte Lip Cream $6.00: Milan, San Paulo, Addis Ababa, and Amsterdam
UPDATE 9/27: These are really matte great for those who are not really into shine but they also go on creamy which is a great plus for me.

Black Label Lipstick $7.50: 
Mid-Night Dinner, Harem, Tribute to Marilyn, Revamped
Acapulco, Princess, Poem, Heiress, Diva
UPDATE 9/27: These are all great colors and super pigmented a def must have.

Powder Blushes $6.00: Top Mauve and Terra Cotta, Bottom: Angel and Peach
UPDATE 9/27: I love these blushes  I am personally a Terra Cotta lover I use it daily as a bronzer. 

Round Lipstick $4.00: Peach, Lala
Lip Liner Pencil $3.50: Citrine, Prune (bottom of each lipstick)
UPDATE 9/27: Creamy and basic lip stick. The liner are great found a close enough match to each when I went to Ulta (own Purchase)

Tango with Bronzing Powder $16.00: Tribal Odyssey, Tan Enthusiasm
UPDATE 9/27: I definitely love these two, I like how the colors mix and how you can choose to use one side or all at once. 

Tango with Bronzing Stix $11.50: Bronzy Lambada, Merengue Flush
UPDATE 9/27: I am still a bit undecided on these.


HD Studio Grinding Blush $16.50: Menage a Trois, Georgia Peach
UPDATE 9/27:  These are a bit too chalky for my liking will try them again and  update later :)


Mega Shine Lip Gloss $5.50: Nude Peach, Pink Rose
UPDATE 9/27: These are a definitely mega shine gloss. The sparkle like no other :)


  1. thanks for the swatches. I was looking at the bronzing powders

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