Laura Geller-Inkwell

Very excited to tell you about the new Gel Liner Duo from Laura Geller. I don't use gel liners but I was given the opportunity to try Laura Geller's Inkwell duo in black and purple. I wasn't to confident in myself being able to use it.
I decided to use the liner for the first time and I fell in love with it, I have been using it since then. The brush is very easy to use especially with the extender. The gel glides on smoothly and stays on. Create thin or thick lines with ease. Use the purple for a pop of color.
This is perfect for anyone even for the beginner like myself. I would definately recommend this product to everyone. It is my new staple in my routine. See pictures below.
There is also a very informative video by Laura herself talking about the product, just use your camera phone and mobile app to scan the tag on the side of the box. http://youtube/MAuuz8tYu9I
Try this product and let me know what you think.
For more information on Laura Geller products, please visit http://www.LauraGeller.com
The sample products were compliments from http://www.Beauty Stat.com

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