Trind Keratin Nail Treatment

After years of putting gel on my nails on and off they became weak and brittle. I have used many nail treatments and they only work while you have the product on and feel very think and don't really work. After trying this treatment for a lil over 2 weeks, I would recommend to anyone. It is the best I have ever tried and it works. I can honestly say my nails feel stronger and are constantly growing strong. I stopped using it for about 5 days to see if my nails weakened and they didn't. I recommend everyone that wants healthy strong nails to use this and you won't regret it. Definately the best working nail treatment there is.
Check out the pics from beginning until now, I even have constantly cut them down :)

First Time using the Treatment:

Bare Nails                                      Nail With treatment

Nails after 2 weeks with treatment

Nails through out the process:

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