Gaby's Traveling Beauty Box

Hi Everyone.

Well it not a secret that I loooooove Makeup and Beauty items.

Well when your subscribed to 3 different beauty sub boxes your makeup stash piles up. While I love trying new things there are products I don't get around to trying and they just sit there in my beauty drawer.

Well not anymore I found a solution :)  I started a "Traveling Beauty Box".  Although the first was lost I started up the second one and it is flowing greatly.

What is a "Traveling Beauty Box" ??
Well it is a box that travels the United States going from one beauty lover to the next filled with makeup, skincare, hair products, and anything related to beauty at all.  Once you get the box you take out all the goodies you want to try and then you put in some goodies you want to part with and mail to the next girl in line.  Pictures below.....

I am usually the last girl to get it since I started it and i'm only 3 girls away, im super excited to see what's inside.

These are pictures from last girl who had the box 1 day ago.

We are also doing a "gift" to each girl :) The next girl will get the item in the organza blue bag below.

All items are brand new or swatched, have to keep the germs away :)
Well until next time

xoxo Gaby