Could it be, the Urban Decay Naked 3?

Hello Everyone, 

The rumors have started circling what the Urban Decay Naked 3 will look like and there is a picture now:

Found supposed images of Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette on Instagram by user nattiiee08.

What do you think? Could this be it and if so what do you think of the colors? looks link they are a hue of pinks and a mix of what seems to be color similar to the first 2 Naked Palettes.

xoxox Gaby

My Website/Portfolio

Hello Everyone,

So I have been procrastinating in creating my Website (Portfolio) with picture of my professional work.

I have taken the plunge after being pushed by Sonia Roselli to do it as part of staying in the Pro Wedding Makeup Artist group on Facebook. I am thankful to her as this is a great tool in obtaining more business in the Makeup Artistry world.

I have sectioned it off into Bridal, Special Events, and Portraits.It is still a work in progress as I need to add more pictures.

Take a look at my website and let me know what you think,
Gaby's Website

Thank You,

xo Gaby

Pure Beauty Bar at Macy's State Street in Chicago

Pure Beauty Bar Manager Jose Rangel and I met at the Style Chicago Modern Beauty recently.
He invited me to try out the Pure Beauty Bar at Macy's State Street and I was very excited, since i had not experienced a Beauty Bar before.
My appointment was for September 20th at 10am, When I got to the Beauty Bar the were just opening up and there were a few girls they tidying up and wiping everything down, I liked the cleanliness. The are was perfect size for all that was available, hair, makeup, and barber.
I was greeted by Maribeth and she introduced me to Tequila (hairstylist).
I sat in the shampoo chair and she started her normal shampooing and let me tell you it was intense, lol. I have gotten my hair shampooed before but Tequila gave me what felt like a Swedish massage on my head. It was a bit rough but I felt like she was really giving attention to my hair after the massage, she asked what I used daily and suggested what I should be doing./using.
After shampoo Tequila, blow dried my hair, I initially wanted sleek straight but opted for a curl look. I liked the final look, although it made me look a bit older, lol.

I then went on for my Pedicure.  I was very pleased and happy with this :)
I had a Parrafin Wax treatment for the first time ever and I loved it. Ronni did am amazing job and was very knowledgeable with nail trends and payed close attention and care to my toes :) My toes are still nice. I would definately go back for this and ask for Ronni.
Express- 30 min pedi, cuticle  push back and color.
Classic- all above plus more cuticle concentration and 5 minute massage
Delux- All above plus Parrafin Wax adn Foot Mask

I then went for my Manicure, which also included Parrafin Wax. Jackie did my Mani.
The manicure was pretty basic, file, cuticle removal, and polish with a Parrafin Wax bonus.

Brows & Makeup:
Last was my Eyebrow and Makeup.
This was exciting as I usually do my own makeup and brows. Maribeth was my girl for both services. I had already had my brows done with her before and I loved it so this was just a refresher for me and was great, the brows were my shape and looked full, she used Christi Harris Adda Brow and Chocolate Brow Powder, loved it. She is definitely a brow expert to look forward to she does no wax, no threading, no tweeze using the razor by Christi Harris This method is called the "Precision Brow Planning". For my face I had a picture of a look I wanted, and she perfected it to my taste, I was really happy with the outcome. The brands in her kit were Lorac, Viseart, Smashbox, Christi Harris. I liked that she paid attention to what I wanted and showed me every step of the way.

I would definitely recommend the Pure Beauty Bar if you work in Downtown and in need of something quick. I think this is like a quick service bar and everyone is pretty much in and out, which is great for those in a crunch for time and the location is perfect, clean, and professional.
Prices for Everything and more information on the Pure Beauty Bar can be found online at: PureBeauty
Thanks to Everyone at the Pure Beauty Bar it was a great experience.
xo Gaby

Before                                                                        After


Hello Beauties,

Awhile back I was sent a couple of sample packs of Evande. I was contacted by them to see if I wanted to try the product, once I seen that their products had dual purpose I immediately said Yes.

What caught my attention was that they have a facial cleanser and makeup remover in one  :)
Along with a face and neck moisturizer.  I was sold at the dual cleanser and makeup remover, I thought it was a great idea to combine the two but, I also wanted to test out how great it actually was.

These were the pamphlets and samples I was sent, the cleanser/makeup remover duo and the face/neck moisturizer duo.

This is direct from the evande website:

Solutions of everyday skin challenges. Blend of best natural skin essentials from different cultures around the world that addresses multiple skin concerns in only 3 simple steps.
1: Cleanse (evandé facial cleanser & make-up remover)
2: Balance (evandé pore minimizing toner and
3: Nurture & Protect (evandé face & neck moisturizer)

What I loved:
I fell in love with the scent of the products, it is very light and smells like baby powder.
I love the multifunctionality of the products.
I love the cleanser my skin felt pretty clean afterwards, and it took off my makeup completely as well.

What I disliked:
I really don't have any dislikes, I would just say the sample was a packet so I was not able to use for a long time.

This is a definite must try for everyday use.

you can find Evande on www.evandefacialcare.com use code evandeb for 20% off  :)

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts below

xo Gaby