Eye Am Empowered- Women Share, Ispire and Empower

Hi Everyone, 

If you read my last post then you are familiar with Nailuv Gel System. 

Well ,Chrislie Formulations, the maker of Nailuv have come up with a new Social Media Network called "Eye Am Empowered".

This new social media network is for women that have gone through life changing events to share their experiences and help other women going through the same or similar situations overcome their challenges. 

Women are encouraged to upload videos, write posts and give advice to others and helping them become positive and empowering them to move forward.

 Here are some details directly from Chrislie Formulations:

Inspire and empower other women through EyeAmEmpowered.com, a social media support network
for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing life challenges.
On EyeAmEmpowered.com, you can upload video messages of support, write about life challenges, and
share advice to inspire and empower other women. You’ll also receive practical advice, inspiration, and
encouragement from women who have gone through or are going through your particular situation.

The website can be found here: EyeAmEmpowered.com
Follow them on Facebook and Twitter: @EyeAmEmpowered

Have you gone through a difficult time and gotten support from others in similar situations?
If not would it have helped you to listen to someone and gain some advice from them?

Let me know your thoughts on this new Venture by commenting on this post.

xo Gaby

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