SeneGence International

I’m so excited to share one of my favorite skin care lines with you. If you haven’t heard of SeneGence International, now is the time to check it out. Their mission statement says it all, “To empower women around the world with a career that really works using products that really work”. In a nut shell, this company offers a variety of products for different skin types and also gives you the opportunity to become your own boss. My personal faves are the SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator, Spot-On Blemish and Acne Treatment, SeneDerm Daytime Moisturizer and Lip Sense in Army Pink.

Once you try the SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator you will be hooked forever! You only need a tiny bit to exfoliate your whole face. I have tried other exfoliators but none like this one. It literally feels as if your skin is brand new. Your skin will feel extremely soft and if you suffer from acne, it works great after the acne dries up. The price is $45 but it is definitely worth every single dollar. It comes in a 2oz container which will last for at least a couple of months depending on usage. I highly recommend this product.

The Spot-On Blemish and Acne Treatment is also very effective. I apply this product at night when ever I have extremely noticeable blemishes. By morning the redness is usually gone and the blemish about 90% dried and gone. I do have to say that it can be extremely drying, so if you have dry skin this should be used sparingly. The SeneDerm Moisturizer is a daily moisturizer I use before applying makeup. I use the Oily to Acne version based on my skin type. It is very light on the skin and doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue.

Last but not least is their long lasting lip color. Lip sense in Army Pink is u my pick. I like a hint of shimmer with an awesome shade of pink. It’s definitely a different kind of lip color and you may experience a tingling sensation when you first try it. Your lips have clean and exfoliated before applying. It is waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, or even rub-off. Once it’s on the only thing you have to do is add the LipSense Gloss and it’s good to go. This is a loooooong lasting lip color and there’s so many shades to choose from. This is my go to for the weekend especially on a night out!

SeneGence International has so many products to choose from. The statements above are only my opinion based on the experiences I have had with them. If you have any questions about the products be sure to visit their website for more information and for a complete list of all the products they have to offer.


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