Medusas Makeup??
Medusa'sMakeup.com is a must see for all MUA's that like a little excitement in their makeup. It boasts with vibrant colors, glitters, and shimmers at affordable prices. If you love doing makeup that stands out and love bright colors, you will definitely have to invest a little of your time and check them out! 
For this review I will be talking about the Electro Eyeshadow set. The set comes in 12 vibrant colors for only $59 or you can purchase them individually for $8. Eventhough they are very colorful, I prefer to use them with the Stick it! Primer to get extremely vibrant colors. Beware of Electro Red it does stain the lid even with primer, but with a

good makeup remover it comes off quickly.
Here are some swatches to the left, they are with the primer and were taken in natural light without a flash. The eye shadows have sparkles that shimmer beautifully when the light hits them. I like the fact that the sparkles aren't chunky or grainy. They are well blended with the eyeshadow and go on smoothly. I also purchased their brush set to use with them but will review those another day :) 
One of the great things about these shadows is that you can convert them into eyeliners with the Eyeliner seal. This also intensifies the colors a lot more. The eyeshadow itself is awesome but the packaging does need a little bit of work. For those of you who like to depot for your palettes this might not work. The container itself is a little flimsy which caused a couple of my shadows to break but I just transferred the powder into another container with a twist off cap. I'm definitely not dismissing these shadows because of their container lol. I give them an A+ for being fabulous and fun AND for being cruelty free and PETA certified. Medusa's Make-up has a lot of great products.....I can't wait to buy more!

Do yourself a favor and check them out!
Eyeshadows here
Full Site here

Hope you enjoyed this review...yours truly,
MUA Gabsta....besos! 💋💋

P.S. They have the Safari Eyeshadow set of 12 for only $35 right now!!!!


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  2. Oh wow! I remember when they used to have a store on Belmont. I believe it's the same company!