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Today's review is on Fusion of Color Cosmetics which is a Mineral Line started by Kathy Duncan in 2003. This makeup is build-able from light to full coverage and feels light on skin. Kathy oversees the creation of the line and the color formulation. The line is custom made and produced in small batches so they stay fresh. They also offer samples sizes of some of the colors/items for you to try out before buying the full size.   I received the products below for my opinion.

I'll start with my favorites which are the Lip Products. They are very pigmented and go on smoothly. I really love the slanted gel applicator on the glosses because I can wipe them down after use.  I will definately be looking into full size products.

The blushes were really nice as well. These are definitely sheer at first but are easily build-able to offer a more darker color. I really fell in love with "Hint of Rouge", it is a perfect mauve color with a hint of sheen.

The Eyeshadow I received were mostly glittery which I don't really use for a complete eye look but I do use these for lid color. I felt like these like the lighter colors were a bit too sheer while the darker colors had more pigmentation. I would like to try more matte colors in these.

Gaby's Verdict: I say check this line out some items may be hit or miss depending on you own personal preference but overall this is definitely a great buy for the price. I especially like that there are samples available to buy before purchasing full size. Love that these are all build able colors as well. Can't wait to try the New Spring Line as well as the Lip Brights (Pics below)

My Favorites: Gloss: City Nude & Mia, Blush: Hint of Rouge, Lipsticks: Wisteria &Cashmere


Lip Gloss- Harmony Collection: City Nude & Mia (Slanted Tip)
Lip Gloss: Timid & Claret

 Blushes: (L-R) Mellow, Hint of Rouge, Rosalee
Full size: $7.35 Sample: $1.75
Lipsticks: (L-R) Wisteria, Cashmere, Joy

Eyeshadow: (L-R) (Bottom swatches are with primer)
 Rainstorm, Sapphire, Royalty, Party Time Girl, Cream
Full Size $4.85/each  Sample: $1.75

What's new at Fusion of Color:

NEW Spring/ Summer 2014 Collections  

Lip Brights: Blazing Orange, Kelley Green, Plush Purple, Sunny Yellow
Firecracker (Red), Hot Stuff (Bright Pink), Blue Bonnet, Candi Coral (Lighter than Hot Stuff)
 $5.50 Each

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XO, Gaby


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  2. I've got to try the blushes! Rosalee looks pretty!

  3. Omgosh I would love to see more swatches. Product review and first impressions. And how too ����������❤

  4. All the products look pretty pigmented and have great colors! You can't beat the price point on these!

  5. Very pigmented and the colors are wonderful. The prices are affordable and will be checking them out right now. Awesome review Gaby :)