Kleenex in your Style

Wouldn't if be great to be able to match your style and decor with a box of Kleenex. What about having different sizes of boxes and packaging to fit your space? Kleenex sponsored this post so I could show you how Kleenex fits my Style

I love having Kleenex in every room in my house for when someone sneezes, for those unexpected moments while your out and about, and especially for those quick makeup fixes by your the dresser. 
Get your Kleenex style here then read below to see how Kleenex fits my Style.

I love the patterns and colors available to match my ever changing decor in my home.
I really like this pattern because it is bright and adds a hint of color to my living room.

For on-the-go I carry these cute patterned pocket Kleenex. I love that I can match these to every purse I have. How adorable are these when they peek outside  your bag :)

Smudged liner? Need to change your lipstick? How about removing your eye makeup? Well here's my solution, A box of Kleenex in this dark pattern to match my dresser lamps.

Thanks Again to Kleenex for supporting this post. 
Watch this video to see how others scored in Catwork or Kleenex

Xo Gaby

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