Victoria's Secret Sport Bra

I bring to you the Victoria's Secret Sport Bra Review and Pictures.
I was given this bra from Influenster and Victoria's Secret to review and present to you. 

Owning many sport bras myself, I was excited to try this one out.  I am already a huge fan of the brand and had high expectations for the sports bra. 

VS did not disappoint, the bra is heavy duty yet pretty lightweight, it coincides with my bra size, and has great breast support. 

I love that the coverage is there and that the bra is pretty hugging around the areas that it needs to be and doesn't squish the breast. The support of the breast is a huge thing for me because I always feel like my breast are squished when wearing sports bras or not supported at all and are just jumping all over the place.The fact that this bra is made to measure like your regular sports bra is great because the cup holds it all into place.

I enjoy the sport bra and the water bottle that came in the package, This is definitely the best sport bras I own at the moment. 

I went to VS to look at the other colors available but didn't get anything as the store was packed with shoppers looking for the great deals happening at the Annual Sale. 

I would say to go in-store and try the bra on because I am certain you will fall in love as I did.

I received this product from Influenster and the #VSSportTester Group for Free but all opinions are my own.
xo Gaby

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