Youth H2O Age Defying System

Today I want to present to you an Energy Drink that doubles as an Age Defying System. It awakens your youth hormone w/Organic Superfoods that enhance 
Beauty, Performance, & Wellness all in one shot.

Youth H2O promotes 
  • Caffeine Free Energy
  • Vibrant Skin
  •  Weight Loss
  • Immunity Support
  • and Daily Superfood Nutrition

The Superfoods included in the drink are Camu Camu, Purple Corn, & Maca
  • Camu Camu- has highest NATURAL vitamin C source on planet
  • Purple Corn- highest antioxidant source
  • Maca- adaptagen that gives sustainable natural energy and even libido!
  • More ingredient information can be founds here

You may have seen Youth H2O in the Press, TV Shows, and some Magazines.
- Today show for all in one beauty/wellness shot
- preg & newborn mag for post partum weightloss and energy
- Life and style for 'miracle in a jar, drink yourself younger'
- Los angeles times for 'natural energy'
- Glamour for skin glow benefits

I was very excited to try H2O but unfortunately I did not like the taste, 
it definitely had a berry taste but had a medicine taste as well, 
I had to chase it down with orange juice. 
I definitely have tried other energy drinks that I really enjoy and I really wanted to love this especially with all the great benefits it has but I have really picky taste buds. 
If you do not have sensitive taste buds I would definitely recommend trying youth H2O. 

It is recommended to drink Youth H2O daily for 3 weeks and take a week break while it continues to work, then repeat.
Can be taken alone  in a convenient 2 oz concentrated shot or mixed in a favorite smoothie or juice. Lots of great recipes here
You can also find great recipes in the Peruvian Power Foods book 
by Manuel Villacorta, MS,RD and Jamie Shaw
I bet you can use the H2O with some of the recipes in the book. 

Their mission is about people and getting real results through the power of these south American Superfoods who have sworn by them for centuries.  

Have you Taken Youth H2O? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below 

XO, Gaby

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