Holiday Gift Guide-Brush Love

Here is a brand New to me, Brush Love. 
I was able to try the brushes and I am here to give you my honest review on them and why they are on my gift guide. 

I thought the brushes were pretty different given the handles are not your typical shape. 
The handles are said to be made for an ergonomic experience due to their contemporary architectural lines and shapes.
I can say that the design was the first thing that caught my attention and  then the appearance of the actual brush hairs. These are also said to be made cruelty free, for those on your list that are anti animal cruelty.  Well let me say that the design to these brushes are pretty neat but they are plastic, which was a bit of a turn off to me. The brush hairs are synthetic and not bad at all. These are brushes I would have for personal use and not professional, unfortunately the handles are too big to put in a brush belt.

I would say these are great for the brush lovers on your list that are always on a hunt to find the next brush set. They are extremely cool to look and use personally just not professionally. As I use them more I will give a you all a followup review until then you can get yours on the Brushlove Website

Happy Shopping
XO, Gaby

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