Holiday Gift Guide-Rockee from Violife

Here is a perfect gift for the little ones on your list that do not life to brush their teeth, or "Chompers" as I use to tell my kids when they were younger. I was able to get the blue one although my daughter wanted a character ones likes the ones above.When we received the toothbrush she was excited and quickly wanted to brush her teeth and watch the toothbrush rock side to side, hahaha.  
Dentists have suggested that selecting a toothbrush that looks like a cartoon character will make brush-time more fun and it looks to be true.

The Rockee toothbrush from Violife was created with both parents and kids in mind. 
Kids will want to brush their teeth more often and parents will not have to continuously ask them too.
Rockee is available in a variety of cute animals and  in solid bright colors.
 It is designed to always stand upright – it rocks, wobbles and spins, but doesn't tip over, and when the kids lay it on the counter it stands upright by itself.  No more messy, toothpaste covered counter tops or replacing toothbrushes that are dropped on the floor.  The handle is ergonomically designed and fits easily into small hands. Since it always stands upright, the Rockee dries easily and kids won’t have to remember to put away their toothbrush in a holder.

The Rockee includes two extra brush head and retails for $15 online via www.violife.com.

 XO, Gaby

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