New Sub Box: Smart Art Box

Well today I present to you a NEW Subscription Box: "Smart Art Box"
This sub box is perfect for Artists of all ages. I remember I used to love to draw and color when I was younger and now that my kids are a bit older (7&11) they love to do this as well. 
My Son loves to draw and is constantly trying to recreate stuff he sees, so this box is perfect for him.
At times we all sit and color or draw together for family time and having some tools to do some more artistic things would be great. 

Smart Art box will be shipping their first box out this month and has said that we will have it on our doorsteps by December 23rd.
I love that this box is for the creative minds and can be used by many: kids, adults and families.
Smart Art has a Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/smartartbox
"Like" their Page for some amazing deals and then head over to www.smartartbox.com and order your Smart Art Box.

I am definitely excited to Review this box for you when I receive it. 
Hope to hear all of your thoughts on this new Sub Box

XO, Gaby

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