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 Hello Everyone, 
This past weekend my kids and I were able to attend Tween Stars Live at Patio Theater in Chicago. 
I was excited to actually go into the Patio theater since it's reopening and the kids were super excited to meet their Disney/Nickolodeon Stars.

The stars that came in were from the following shows:
• Dove Cameron “Liv & Maddie” – Liv & Maddie
• Ryan McCartan “Diggie” – Liv & Maddie
• Calum Worthy “Dez” – Austin & Ally
• Karan Brar “Ravi” – Jessie
• Spencer Boldman “Adam” – Lab Rats & “Jackson” – Zapped Movie
• Piper Curda “Jasmine” – I Didn’t Do It
• Noah Munck “Gibby” – iCarly

The actors we very interactive with the audience. 
Here you can see  Dove Cameron “Liv & Maddie” in the aisle I was in and asking a question to the other actors on stage. Most of the actors went down the aisles for Q&A time. 

There were three other times they went down the aisles and picked some kids to go on stage and help them with trivia questions and other on stage activities and dancing.

The actors also performed some duets. 
Here is  Piper Curda “Jasmine” performing her duet. 
Other duet were Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan from “Liv & Maddie”.
 if you follow me on social media, 
you probably already seen the video of their duet. 


My kids wanted to meet and take pics with the actors so I purchased the VIP Tickets.
One of the kids favorite to  meet was Calum Worthy “Dez”  from Austin & Ally.
He took funny pics with the kids and was very friendly.

All in all the Tween Stars Live was great fun for the kids. 
The tickets ranged from $15-$35 General Admission
The VIP Autograph was $75/Child. 
I wish the Autograph session was per Family and not per Child, the reason I say this was because the kids we grabbed together for the pictures, since the actors seen they were bro/sis.
After the first two times this happened  I requested separate pictures.


Ariana's Collage
Damian's Collage

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