Managing Dandruff and Dry Scalp

Hello Again,

Today I am going to share with you my experience with Dandruff and Dry Scalp.
I used to think I was the only one with these issues until recently, 
 I seen a boom of questions on social media about others needing advice on how to deal with dandruff, flakes and dry scalp. I have been battling with this since my teen years.
I have learned what shampoos work for me, which make matters worse, and which are the best.

Here are the shampoos that work.....
 One shampoo that has worked for me and I used consistently is Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength.
Clinical Strength is the one in Navy bottle, this only comes in a shampoo, no conditioner,  and it is usually much more expensive than the others.  The formula is a pale pink color and has a medicine type smell to it, after washing your hair with it your hair may feel streaky, if that makes sense. 
I use this shampoo with Suave Coconut Conditioner just to give my hair more manageability and to get rid of the smell from Head & Shoulders.
Another way to use this shampoo is in between your favorite Shampoo/Conditioner combo.
Lets say you like Herbal Essences and you want to continue using it, try alternating it with Clinical Strength, I've done it and it works.

  Please note I tried others from Head & Shoulders and this is the only one that worked for me.

Now onto the product that I recently discovered and the one I am using daily.
On one of my trips to buy my H&S Clinical Strength I noticed some new shampoos by TRESemme.
I usually stay away from TRESsemme since I get really bad dandruff when using them but these bottles caught my attention since they said Renewal Hair &Scalp. So I read the labels and I seen that it was a tea tree & Sunflower seed oil formula, so I decided to give it a try.
I am in love, this shampoo and conditioner duo is the best of both worlds, not only does it help with the dandruff and scalp issues it also leaves my hair soft and manageable.
After finding this a couple of months back I have not bought anything else, although I did start noticing my hair does get a bit oily by my scalp, I can live with that.


Here are the shampoos that DON'T work for me.....  
These are some of the ones that did not work for me and in some cases even made matters worse. 

TRESemme's Regular line.
Bed Head Golden Goddess.(Worst)

Remember this is just my experience that I am sharing. There is lots of trial and error with brands and some may work and some may not, they have different formulas within their lines. 
I am confident in saying I'm happy with TRESemme and I am going to continue using the line.
I will be reviewing a bar shampoo for the first time ever this week and hope to give you some insight on that as well.

What were some shampoos that didn't  work for you?
Do you have any recommendations for me to try?

Until next time... XO, Gaby


  1. I'm so happy you found what works for you. Do you have any natural/herbal alternatives?

    1. I am sorry I just seen the comment, no I don not at this time. Did you try either of these option?

  2. you may want to try a psoriasis shampoo too, they sell them where you find regular shampoo - sometimes psoriasis can be mistaken for dandruff

    1. I am sorry I just seen the comment,Thank You for the suggestion, I checked with my doctor, it's dandruff.

  3. Replies
    1. I am sorry I just seen the comment, Did you try either of these option?