Bingo Fun in Chicago

Hi Everyone, 

I was recently invited to attend the "We Gotta Bingo" show here in Chicago. 
First I love Bingo lol and well I thought what a good time to take my godmother and sister out.
My godmother loves bingo so when she heard we were going she was excited. 

Let me tell you this is not your regular ol bingo game, this is actually a comedy skit that includes Bingo games as well audience interaction. The theme for the show was about two Chicago churches merging together and needing to raise funds for the congregation. 
The funny part is that neither church gets along, its the Irish Vs Italians in this comedy.


The room is separated into two and we all take part of the fun by playing some Bingo games and cheering on our perspective church.  I love that the comedians/actors interact with the audience, some sat at the tables talking in between their skits and some even took us out to dance. We even had to help serve Dinner which is actually included in the ticket price, yum.

I definitely suggest going to check out We Gotta Bingo, we had a lot of fun.
The interaction between the cast and the audience is so inviting, along with the food and the bingo games I am sure you will not be disappointed, get ready to laugh.

Get your tickets online today for only $49 (Dinner & Show) then come back here and let me know your thoughts on the show. 

XO, Gaby

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  1. Sounds like a fun interactive show! Will definitely have to check it out when I go to Chicago