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Hi Again, well today's post is going to be about skin issues that some of us face daily and are to afraid to talk about. I am talking about Eczema, Dry Scalp, or Psoriasis. 
I for one am the victim of dry, itchy, and flaky scalp known cause dandruff. 
I also get dry patches on my but skin mostly on elbows and hands. When I found out that Derma|e had lines that would help with both of my skin issues I was very excited since I already love their facial skincare. 

I was able to try out their Scalp Relief Shampoo and Scalp Relief Conditioner. I really like that they have both and that they are separate, I usually see that when there is a scalp shampoo their isn't a conditioner that goes along with it, not sure why companies do that. Well let me say I really liked using this duo, right  away I noticed that these didn't have the medicinal smell that others shampoos like Head and Shoulders has, which was a huge plus in my book. I also like that after using them my hair and scalp felt great definitely felt manageable, no itching and the dandruff has decreased. I also noticed when I used this my hair was not as oily as it usually is. My hair does get oily even though my scalp is dry weird huh. 

On to the next products I was able to try, which were the Psorzema Creme and the Body Wash.
derma e Psorzema® Crème is made with a safe and effective blend of herbal extracts and skin vitamins such as Neem, Burdock, Bearberry, Vitamins A and E to help soften and soothe dry, irritated, scaling skin. It’s natural blend of ingredients help reduce redness and encourage healthy looking skin without the use of steroids, coal tar or pine tar. The body wash is a natural, gentle formula to cleanse away scaling and flaking skin while soothing itchiness, redness and irritation on the body, face and scalp.
My dry hands
You should definitely give this a try or if any of your family/friends suffer from this you should talk to them about this creme. I like the creme a lot and used it on my hands and tummy are since those areas are more prone to dry spots. As you can see from my picture above I have dry spots on my hand and when using the creme these were less visible and definitely more moisturized. I am very hopeful that this creme will help my skin significantly. Check out this video to learn more of the Psorzema Creme. Psorzema® is available at Health Food Stores and dermae.com 

 For my readers:
Get 3 foil pack samples of Psorzema Creme here, they only have enough for 10 free samples, hurry.  
If your able to snap a sample let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Healthy before healthy was “in” derma e® pushed skincare forward in a new direction by fusing powerful vitamins and plants together with modern science. 
Continuing to be always aware, derma e® adheres to the highest ethical standards when it comes to animal welfare and our impact on the planet.

Until next time, XO Gaby

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