Fall into Autumn

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Welcome to Fall...

This has got to be one of my favorite seasons,
I love the nice breezy rainy days, sipping on a latte while cuddled up in my oversized sweater.
Not too long ago I was lucky enough to attend an exclusive, invite-only “Glampfire” event with Glade® . The event took place at the lavishly decorated yet abandoned New Regal Theatre in Chicago where they were showcasing their Limited Edition Autumn Collection fragrances.  

The night  began with us selecting a custom cocktail that would determine our adventure for the evening...  They had 3 cocktails to choose from and I chose the skull head cocktail.

The drink was followed by some tasty treats that were all ingredients in the candles themselves. We had some mandarins, grapes, apples, pretzel sticks, and more..

We experienced a wondrous “tea party” complete with tempting sweets.
There was tea, two pumpkin cake varieties, and lots of fruit. All of the treats were scents that were used in the candles themselves.

We also had Tintype Photography by Jen Jansen which I thought was pretty awesome. She took our pictures and they were printed on small tins, I think I looked a bit Egyptian here..lol

On to the next room in the event, the floral room. This room was filled with flowers everywhere even hanging from the ceilings and on the walls. Best of all most were purple, my favorite color.

Just sitting surrounded by this wall full of beautiful purple flowers.

Now this was another one of my favorites, the small door window, why hello there....

  We finished our night with a live flamenco performance at the heart of the theater. 
We also had a small surprise under our seats, a wooden box that had small gifts.

At the exist we were sent off with an awesome gift bag featuring some amazing gifts. The bag had Coasters, a Table Topics game, Wine glass, and a Glade Autumn Nights candle, all perfect for a date night if you ask me. 

The Regal theater was a perfect setting for the Glade® Glampfire event. 
The mood along the whole theater was perfect, candles, flowers, fruits, tasty sweets and a great flamenco dance in the theater. 

It was great experiencing everything that goes into creating the Glade® candles. #FeelGlade 
If you want to take a peek into the event watch this video from Glade®.

In case you're wondering, here are the Limited Edition Autumn scents to choose from:

XO, Gaby

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