Fitness Calendar

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Well I have been looking for a bit of fitness motivation and today I had the push I needed to create this Fitness Calendar. I wanted an easy way to keep track of everything I do and I also wanted a visual to remind myself of what I wanted to accomplish.

This is when I had the idea to create my own Calendar.
It has everything I was looking for and I hope you can use this as well. 
I am definitely getting these stickers to go along with my calendar, they are perfect.

Just check off what body part you are working on that day.
I also added a spot for your water intake. (8 cups water are recommended)
Write down your monthly goals on the bottom right. 

Here are some binders , sheet protectors, or stickers you can use with your calendar.

 Click here for your copy of My fitness Calendar.
I Will update this page with the latest Calendar on a Monthly Basis. 

Don't forget to let me know in the comments if you print and use it, I'd love to know your thoughts. 

XO, Gaby


  1. Love the calendar, thanks for checking out my fitness journal printable. Hope it helps you.

  2. Great calendar! I think that writing down what you are doing, or planning out your workouts really helps to keep you motivated and on track!