April Fitness Calendar

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Guess what?? It's been a month since the last calendar.
Have you been using it? 
How has your fitness journey been?
What are some challenges you are facing?

Well I have the April Calendar up and running.
I just started using a planner so I will be adding this calendar in there.
I am definitely getting these stickers to go along with both, they are perfect.

Just check off what body part you are working on that day.
I also added a spot for your water intake. (8 cups water are recommended)
Write down your monthly goals on the bottom right. 
Here are some binders , sheet protectors, or stickers you can use with your calendar.
 Click here for your copy of My fitness Calendar.
Don't forget to let me know in the comments if you print and use it, I'd love to know your thoughts. 
XO, Gaby


  1. Gracias Gaby por compartir me cae de maravilla, porque me gustarĂ­a bajar unos kilitos para verano que nos vamos de vacaciones :)

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