Affordable Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Spring Wardrobe Refresh with Cheap Online Shopping

599Fashion has affordable fashion picks

Affordable-Spring -Wardrobe-Refresh from 599Fashion via www.gabyramos.com

 It's springtime and that means spring cleaning our wardrobe, Although it's very fun it can get a little expensive at times. Well I'm pretty excited to let you know about 599fashion,
a shop that is great for cheap online shopping, all of their items are under $10!!!!
I was a bit skeptical at first since I thought to myself well that's a very low price for clothes but, I was excited to give them a try and surprisingly enough I really loved some of the items I received. It is always great to find affordable clothes that are good quality and giving your wardrobe a refresh.
Affordable-Jeans from 599Fashion via www.gabyramos.com
Jeans from 599 Fashion
Well my favorites from 599Fashion were their jeans and trousers, both a great addition to my spring wardrobe and fit great. These were my favorites because a good jean for short girls (5ft) are very hard to find and add on curves, yep pretty impossible. 
But both the jean and trouser fit amazingly and they are the lowest price I've found. Not to mention these are both high waist so no back was showing when I sat down. 
I used the Solid High Waist Pencil Fit Jeans (above) for an event coverage recently. Price: $8.99

Affordable trousers from 599Fashion via www.gabyramos.com
Trousers from 599Fashion
Here you can see the High Waist Slim Fit Trousers,
I paired them with this top for a great night out outfit.
The fit on these was great, stretchy fabric and still very dressy. Price:$9.99

Affordable blouses from 599Fashion via www.gabyramos.com
Blouse from 599 Fashion
 On another occasion I wore this ivory blouse from 599Fashion and it was definitely perfect for this dressy look. What you can't see is that is the back of the blouse is criss-cross /open so when I took the jacket off it definitely went to a sexy look.  Price:$5.99

Affordable Jenas from 599Fashion via www.gabyramos.com
It's those Jeans again
The one thing I do have to warn you about 599Fashion is that the rotation on the items is really fast so if you see something you definitely have to be quick and purchase. This is how they maintain their low prices but, not to worry if you get something you're not in love with they do have a fairly easy return policy. On to the quality, the material of the clothing was good so you definitely won't be getting anything to cheap or falling apart.

 Well I am on my way out for today, I hope this post helps you save a couple of dollars in
your wardrobe spring refresh. I think you can tell I love these jeans lol.
Like always leave me a comment below and let me know if you order from 599fashion.


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  2. 599 Fashion is a good store. I like that leather jacket you bought!