NARS Cosmetics Makeup Look #OneBrandMOTD

 Well hello there beautiful,
It's that time of the week where I post a look of the day using one brand of makeup products.
This is our 5th week of #OneBrandMOTD and we decided that one look just wasn't enough so for the next four weeks we will feature two looks for our #OneBrandMOTD.
This week I will be featuring both looks using NARS Cosmetics. 
My Blogger Bestie, Jacki, from LuxeBudgetnistas and I are both participating in this One brand Challenge where we try to do all whole face of makeup using products from one makeup brand.
We will be using the hashtag #OneBrandMOTD so make sure you check it out on all social media.
Here is my #OneBrandMOTD transformation

NARS Cosmetics Makeup Look via www.gabyramos.com

Products Used are all listed below

Face: NARS NARSissist Cheek Kit  all colors listed below (this palette is not available)
Contour: Laguna

Highlight: Devotee

Blush:  Orgasm

Lipstick: Funny Face

NARS Cosmetics Makeup Look via www.gabyramos.com

Purchase at: Amazon , NARS Website , Sephora, or Ulta


  1. those highlighters look fabulous on you! I've never used these guys before , I didn't know they had a list of vegan friendly products. So I'm going to check them out :)

    1. I love the Highlighter, definitely check them out.

  2. I love trying new makeup and techniques but get so nervous and overwhelmed in Sephora! Thank goodness for people like you limiting the anxiety and telling me whats HOT and NOT!

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  6. your makeup looks amazing! I will have to give some of these a try! Thanks for sharing!



  7. I've never tried NARS makeup! I'll have to look into these! Love that you're only using one brand too!

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