The Art Deco Nutcracker at Studebaker Theatre

 It is the season for all things Christmas and what better way to start it off than a play.
I am excited that tomorrow my daughter, Ariana, and I will be seeing the “The Art Deco Nutcracker”. This will be our first time seeing a live ballet performance/show. “The Art Deco Nutcracker” (© 2017 Alexei Kremnev), which will be performed at Chicago’s Studebaker Theatre at 410 S. Michigan Ave. The show will be running this weekend from November 30-December 2, 2018.
It is set in 1920s America, Kremnev's “The Art Deco Nutcracker,” featuring Tchaikovsky’s beloved score, is a fresh, yet traditional take on the beloved holiday favorite. The Chicago Tribune has described it as “A glossy rendition filled with gorgeous, glitzy costumes” and The Cincinnati Enquire writes that Kremnev has “brought dance to a whole new level.” 

“The Art Deco Nutcracker” will star American Ballet Theatre soloist Katherine Williams as the
Sugar Plum Fairy and Ballet Met company member Michael Sayre as the Nutcracker Prince.
Alongside them will be Reznik as Mrs. Staulbaum and Kremnev as Drosselmeyer, with
American Ballet Theatre’s National Scholar Grace Curry featuring as one of the Claras.
Kremnev also announced today that the performance is scheduled to include a record-setting
175 dancers on stage at once. 
I cannot wait to see my daughter's when we arrive. 
Have you seen“The Art Deco Nutcracker”? If so let me know your thoughts, 

XO, Gaby


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